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Trust The Exterior and Interior Painting Of Your Home to Kelley Painting Services.
Your home is a valuable investment, so why not make an investment into the paint and painting services that both protect your home, express your personality and show your pride as a homeowner. Whether your home is in the construction phase, renovating or just ready to refresh the look, feel and mood of your home, paint quality and painter experience can make the difference. From trendy, bold and brilliant... to classic, subtle and comfortable, KPS knows how to work with you, help you make the right decisions and bring "pride to your paint job!"

Subtle or bold, your home’s color says a lot about you!

At Kelley Painting Services, we understand that choosing the right painter is as important as choosing the right paint color.  At least that’s what we’ve come to believe during the more than 15 years that we’ve been in the paint and coating business here in Central Florida. 

For most, interior and exterior paint colors will define first impression people get when they visit your home. That’s why the color, paint quality, craftsmanship, technique and attention to detail are so important to both the initial impact as well as the longevity of your investment. 

Kelley Painting Services of Florida excels at interior and exterior paint services for new construction, renovation, rehab or just the desire to refresh the feel.  “A new coat” of paint can be a very cost efficient way to completely revitalize the vibe and presentation of your home!  We’re ready when you are!

You can feel secure knowing you'll get the best possible job and we are Licensed and Insured.

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Below is just a small sample of some of our residential projects across Lake, Sumter, Marion and The Villages. Check back often as we are constantly updating our photo gallery. And if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask. After 15+ years, there's an excellent chance we've already done it -- but we also love a new challenge, too .
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Our interior house painting service will freshen up your space and give you a unique new look. Revitalize your kitchen, beautify your living space, and add elegance to the bedrooms with a great looking coat of paint.

Protect your home from the havoc of Mother Nature with our exterior house painting service. Whether you have vinyl, aluminium, stucco or brick siding, our friendly team of expert house painters will do a great job. Bring back your home's curb appeal!

Don't spend your weekend off peeling away old wallpaper when we can do the job for you! As part of our prep work for our interior house painting service, we'll remove any old wallpaper you have.

Popcorn ceilings were in style a decade ago, but times have changed. If you're looking for a sleek, smooth look, we can help! We'll remove your popcorn ceiling and provide your interior with the modern, classy look it deserves.

Homes are meant to be lived in – that's why it's not uncommon to see drywall that's been victim to water damage or large holes. We'll patch, sand, and prime your drywall to create a perfect surface. It'll be like you're living in a brand new home!

When you refinish your existing cabinet doors, you get a whole new look without the astronomical costs normally associated with a kitchen remodel. It’s a much smarter way to update your space, especially if your cabinets are still in good condition. It doesn’t make sense to throw out perfectly good materials, just because you’re tired of the color.

Come summertime, there's nothing better than sitting on your deck and sipping a cold beverage – unless your deck's been beaten up by nasty weather. We'll help you win the fight against Mother Nature by staining and painting your deck to both protect it and make it look great. We also do fence painting if you're looking to improve your curb appeal!

Power washing is key to removing years of dirt and grime from your property. We can wash your siding, your deck, and your walkway to give your home a simple, clean look. As a bonus, pressure washing ensures that if we do any exterior house painting, the paint is absorbed properly.

The spectrum of colors available can be overwhelming, which is why we offer an exclusive color consultation service. We'll discuss the differences between gloss, satin, and matte, and we'll help you choose a color that fits your desired aesthetic and looks great long-term.

Don't see the painting service you're interested in listed? Then give us a call, or contact us through our online form and we'd be happy to provide more details.

Interior Painting-Why Hire Us

When it comes to painting the interior rooms of your home, most homeowners are better off contacting a professional painter to do the job. After all, interior painting is not an easy job. With Kelley Painting Services, we offer professional interior painting for residential projects.

There are several reasons why you should hire Kelley Painting Services for your next painting project. Kelley Painting Services offers the following:

   1. Quality Results: Anyone can buy a can of paint and start painting, but can you prevent touch ups and chipping? If you are trying to increase 
   the resale value of your home, it is best to hire a professional to give your interior walls a professional look.
   2. The Right Accessories: Interior painting involves more than a bucket of paint. Kelley professionals use painter's tools such as tape, ladders,
    different size brushes, rollers, and more to get professional results.
   3. Eliminate Headaches: Hiring a professional painter can reduce stress especially if you have a busy schedule. All you have to do is schedule
   a  time and date and we will provide punctual service.
   4. Innovative Painting Ideas: Kelley professional painters use the latest interior paint to accent the look of your home. Just select the color
   of your choice to meet your design needs. We also offer specialty texture products on both walls and ceilings.
   5. Years of Experience: Why spend time watching an instructional video on how to paint your interior rooms when you can just hire
   an experienced painter? We have years of experience to give you professional results the first time.
   6. Inspection: Before we apply paint to your walls, we thoroughly look for wood rot, structural defects, drywall repairs, water leaks and cracks.
   7. Punctual, Reliable Service: Most interior painting projects are a stop and start job for homeowners. But with Kelley Painting Services,
   we  have a start and set deadline. We'll show up on time to complete the job according to your finish date. You won't find a more prompt,
   experienced interior painter in the Central Florida area.

Exterior Painting-Why Hire Us

Painting a home can be a huge accomplishment especially if it looks professional. Most homeowners decide to paint their homes because they want to save money, but end up paying for costly supplies and equipment. Do-it-yourself exterior painting doesn't always guarantee quality results. If you need exterior painting for your home, contact the professionals at our company.

Whether your paint is peeling or fading, get a fresh new look for your home's exterior. By choosing Kelley Painting Services, you can get the following amenities:

   1. High-quality Equipment and Tools: We use the right tools to get the job done. We know which brushes and rollers to use to get  
   professional  results.
   2. Insurance Coverage: If something goes wrong while painting, our painters are covered by insurance. Also, we are a licensed painting
   3. Prevents Personal Injury: By hiring our professionals to do the job, you can avoid injuries such as falling off of ladders.
   4. Use Quality Paint: We know what type of paint to use for the exterior of your home. We offer all types of colors and the latest, top notch
   brands to accommodate your design needs.
   5. Standard Procedure: We offer a standard procedure to produce professional results such as the use of taping to ensure clean, straight
    lines. Our main focus is to make your home beautiful, stylish and durable.
   6. Inspection: Kelley experts are trained to look for potential exterior problems such as wood rot, mildew growth, peeling and siding issues.
   We  also examine window panes to look for cracks or loose caulking around the trim before we start the job.

Eventually homeowners will need home improvements that involve exterior painting. Save extra money by hiring a professional to paint your home. We are a reliable painting company that put our customer's needs first. We have been providing professional painting services for many years. We will make the entire painting process stress-free so you don't have to worry. 
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