About Us

At Kelley Painting Services, we understand that choosing the right painter is as important as choosing the right paint color.  At least that’s what we’ve come to believe during the more than 15 years that we’ve been in the paint and coating business here in Central Florida. 

For most, interior and exterior paint colors will define first impression people get when they visit your home. That’s why the color, paint quality, craftsmanship, technique and attention to detail are so important to both the initial impact as well as the longevity of your investment. 

Kelley Painter Services of Florida excels at interior and exterior paint services for new construction, renovation, rehab or just the desire to refresh the feel.  “A new coat” of paint can be a very cost efficient way to completely revitalize the vibe and presentation of your home!  We’re ready when you are!

Amanda Kelley-Owner or “Boss Lady”

15+ years in the Paint and Coatings business. Both on the manufacturing side AND contracting side. With this expertise, she can provide the best possible solution for your project to ensure you have a long lasting product and sustainable maintenance! Her focus has always been on employee retention, her community and customer service with her customers!

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